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Posted: June 14, 2000

Waupaca County Library Services Plan: 2000-2004

On May 16, 2000 the Waupaca County Board of Supervisors adopted the Waupaca County Library Services Plan: 2000-2004, in accordance with Section 43.11, Wisconsin Statutes. The full text of the plan is available in pdf format.

Executive Summary

Waupaca County is required to develop a library service plan that addresses how public library service will be provided to residents of those municipalities in the county not maintaining a public library and the method and level of funding to be provided by the county for this service. In November 1999, a nine member Library Planning Committee was appointed to develop and recommend such a plan to the Board of Supervisors.

The Committee believes that public libraries in the county do an excellent job of providing library services to all county residents and that there is no need for the county to provide any additional library services. As a result, compensation to municipal libraries has emerged as the most significant issue to be addressed by the plan.

Beginning in 2001, Wisconsin counties must meet minimum statutory requirements for compensating municipal libraries for providing services to county residents who live in towns and villages without libraries. This requirement also includes a methodology for determining municipal libraries' costs for providing service to the county. The Planning Committee recommends that future library appropriations be based on this methodology:

  1. A library's total operating expenditure in a given year, less capital expenditures and expenditures from federal sources, is divided by the total number of items loaned (i.e., circulation) during the same year to determine the library's cost per loan.
  2. A library's cost per loan is multiplied by its number of loans to county residents living in jurisdictions that do not maintain libraries to determine the library's bill to the county.

In order to make a smooth transition from the current funding methodology to the statutory methodology, the Committee also recommends the following: that all county libraries be held harmless during the transition to the statutory formula, that payments be frozen for libraries already receiving more than full funding under the new formula, and that no library's payment increase more than ten percent from the previous year. The Planning Committee's recommended funding methodology will result in a county library budget request of $536,418 for the year 2001.

The Committee also recommends that Waupaca County continue its current relationship with the Outagamie Waupaca Library System (OWLS). To facilitate this relationship, it is recommended that Waupaca County increase its representation on the OWLS Board to five members and that the County enter into a new agreement with OWLS. OWLS would continue to coordinate the annual budget process and monitor the plan.

Finally, the Committee recommends that a new committee be appointed in 2004 to develop the next five-year library service plan.

Waupaca County Library Planning Committee

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